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Summer "Pink Drink" | Bake to the roots

Summer Pink Drink (Starbucks Inspired)

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  • Author: Bake to the roots
  • Prep Time: 00:05
  • Cook Time: 00:05
  • Total Time: 01:00
  • Yield: 2 1x
  • Category: Drinks
  • Cuisine: United States
  • Diet: Vegetarian


The perfect refreshing summer drink with strawberries and coconut: Summer Pink Drink! Inspired by a Starbucks drink. Just cheaper and less sugary probably ;P



5.3 oz. (150g) fresh strawberries, diced
1/2 cup (120ml) passion fruit juice or maracuja juice
1/3 cup (80ml) red grape juice
3/4 cup (180ml) water
2 bags of Earl Grey tea
1/2 tsp. Dragon fruit powder*
1 cup (240ml) coconut milk (fat reduced)
some freeze-dried strawberries (optional)

ice cubes for serving
additional cold water (optional)


1. Wash and dry the strawberries, remove the green parts, and cut them into small pieces. Add together with the juices, and water to a small saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Let cook for a minute, then add the tea bags and reduce the heat – let barely simmer for about 3-4 minutes until the strawberries are soft. Remove from the heat, take out the tea bags, and let cool down for 5 minutes.

2. Pour the strawberries and the liquid into a sieve and collect the liquid in a container – if you press/squeeze the strawberries a bit you will get a bit more liquid for the drinks ;) Add the dragon fruit powder and mix it in. Let cool down completely, then place in the fridge to cool down even further.

3. When ready to serve, add some freeze-dried strawberries to a glass (optional), top with ice cubes, and pour half of the cooled strawberry mixture into the glass (if you want to make only two drinks). Fill up with coconut milk, add a straw, and serve. Mix the drink and enjoy.


Tip 1: If you want to make several smaller drinks instead of two large ones, you can add some additional cold water to »get more« out of the whole shablam… and you can also add some more coconut milk, of course ;P

Tip 2: The strawberry mixture can also be mixed with the coconut milk ahead of time and then stored in the fridge – it should stay fresh for 1-2 days.